Has anyone ever been so excited to start a new series and jump right into the first book, then swear up and down you will fly though the whole series no problem. I personally do this all the time but then when I get done with the first book another book pops into my head that I have to read first, thus the book series ends up forgot on my shelf. Some of the series listed below are ones on my shelf that I want to eventually finish.

If you have read any of these series let me know whether or not I should continue onward in the series or if you have an Unread Series please feel free to comment it below.


  • Harry Potter Books:

thL6ZDYYNQI know right unbelievable. I love the first book I just haven’t read all of the rest yet. I blame the movies. I really want to finish the books because the books are always better than the movie right!


  • Percy Jackson Bookspercy-jackson-series1 I am probably one of extremely few who actually thought the movie was good. I watched the movie an immediately read the first book because I knew the book would be better, turns out I was right I just kind of got distracted by another book Court of Mist and Fury I think.


  • Daughter of Smoke and BonesDaughter of Smoke and Bones (2)Another popular series I haven’t finished reading Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor. I found the first one amazing and Laini’s writing breathtaking but alas I never continued. Anyone seeing the pattern.


  • Raven Cycles SeriesRavenCycle-complete

This is series that I am actually disappointed at myself that I haven’t finish. I loved Maggie Stiefvater’s first book Raven Boys. The characters were absolutely amazing that I feel in love with them especially Rowan 🙂 . I love the world and plot, yeah I need to finish this one ASAP.


  • The Shadow Falls SeriesShadow FallsI loved the first book in this Series by C.C Hunter called Born at Midnight. It has several supernatural creatures in this book and it so funny I laugh at it until I cried. The first book was a breath of fresh air while there are many books like this one I felt like C.C Hunter brought a new spin to it and make it stand out.


  • The Red Queen Series Screen-Shot-2016-06-28-at-11_37_00-PMThis series by Victoria Aveyard is one I actually plan finishing next month to get ready for the final book War Strom. I love they first book though to be far I wasn’t really huge fan of Mare but thankful the other characters pick up the slack. Team Cal!!


  • Snow of Ashes Series 

SnowLikeAshesTrilogyLast but not least Snow Like Ashes by Sarah Raasch Series. The first book I found okay not really my favorite book but no bad. Might be one the reason I haven’t continued the series but a lot of people have told me the other books are good so I may have to pick it back up.