Top Ten Tuesday (TTT)

Harry Potter Spells Edition

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Hello Muggles,

I have decided to keep the ball rolling with my Harry Potter week and do a Top Ten Tuesday post on the spells featured in the Harry Potter series that I want/ would be useful in real life.


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Charm: Opens locked objects.

This spell would be handy when I lock my keys in the car every other week. Plus, I would never have to worry about spending an hour trying to find my house keys!


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Charm: Summon objects


I can see a world where I would never have to hunt for the things my 2-year-old insists on hiding from me. If I go out to the store and forget my wallet ( If you haven’t noticed yet I forget everything) I can simply pull out my wand and boom there it is.


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Curse: Locks legs of your opponent 

This spell I would hold on to just in case there really is going to be a Zombie Apocalypse. I don’t have to be the fastest, just faster than someone else.


Email Header - Untitled (4).jpgSpell: Creates light at the tip of your wand 

Goodbye flashlight with the batteries that always run out on me at the most inconvenient time. If my power goes off randomly I won’t have to find candles or a flashlight.


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Charms: Moves objects with wand.

Imagine never having to carry groceries in from the car, or just being lazy and drifting the remote over to you. That would be the good life. What I beautiful dream I dream.


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Spell: Reveals invisible ink

This would have saved me so much trouble in class when I always got caught passing notes. ( I feel old).


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Makes thing vanish

If I had this I could have made those nasty vegetable my parent try to make me eat vanish and would have had actually desert! (Yes, they actually did that)



To render the victim mute

No more annoying person talking in my ear. No more president talking headaches from all the people talking. Wonderful blissful silence!



Makes a person “oblivious” erasing their memories of an event.

This would have helped so much growing up when I was grounded all the time. I could simply make them forget why I was grounded in the first place! Imagine all the speeding tickets I could get out of!


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Repairs broken objects

Does anyone else’s kid throw a fit and breaks things? My little girl is horrible for this and wanting to touch shiny things that are breakable. I would finally be able to fix everything!


Well that is it guys. I hope you enjoyed this post as much I enjoyed making it. I hope you have a great Tuesday!

Let’s discuss!

What spell’s would you choose for everyday life?

What uses from the spells above can you think of?

Let me know in the comments below!