November Girl

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Author: Lydia Kane

Published: November 7, 2017

Publisher: Entangled Teen

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Source: I reviewed November Girl from Netgalley and Entangled Teen for part of this blog tour.

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**I volunteered for a copy of this book to review from Netgalley and Entangled Teen. My review is written from my OWN thoughts and ideas.** 

November Girl by Lydia Kang was a breathtaking novel to read. It was truly a unique, dark, and creepy story for those who, like myself are always ready for a little darkness in their books. Lydia Kang’s writing will draw you into this story and it will run rampant through your mind like a summer storm even after you set the book down.


November Girl is told from two POV’s by the main characters Hector and Anda. These characters came alive off of the page thanks to Kang’s wonderful style of writing. They were captivating and realistic. I wanted to know everything about them.


The first character is Hector a 17-year-old who runs to Isle Royale, a deserted island in the middle of Lake Superior, to hide out until he turns 18. When he turns 18 he won’t be required to return to his family home.  He doesn’t expect to see anyone on the island when the last boat leaves because there are terrible storms rumored to plaque the island around that time of year, but then he sees Anda and everything changes.


The next character Anda is a weather witch and half-human. She is described as the November storm that shuts down her island Isle Royale every winter. She can control the lake, and the legends surrounding her states, the majority of ships that sink in November are all because of her. The deaths of sailors is what helps keep Isle Royale alive. Each and every year the island evacuates in October leaving Anda completely alone on the island with no one else to interact with.


All in all this was a riveting book that I would recommend for those seeking magic, compelling characters, and an a chilling adventure. The only negative I found was how the love between Anda and Hector felt forced in some part and I didn’t really feel the connection between them so, I couldn’t connect to it. The characters on their own were developed wonderfully but I wanting to see more passion in the love between them.

My Rating: 4 stars

4 stars

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Author: Lydia Kang


Lydia Kang is an author of Young Adult Fiction, Poetry and Narrative Non-Fiction. She graduated from Columbia University and New York University School of Medicine, completing her residency and chief residency at Bellevue Hospital in New York City. She is a practicing physician who has gained a reputation for helping fellow writers achieve medical accuracy in fiction. Her Poetry and Non-Fiction have been published in JAMA, The Annals of Internal Medicine, Canadian Medical Association Journal, Journal of General Internal Medicine and Great Weather for Media. She believes in science and knocking on wood, and currently lives in Omaha with her husband and three children.

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