Once again it’s that time when the book we have been impatiently waiting for to hit the shelves are an arm reach away. It’s that moment when you know that you need this amazing book in your hand because it’s going to be your favorite book.

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Here is a list of some amazing books that are coming out TODAY!


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Immortal Reign by Morgan Rhodes

I was lucky enough to be sent the finished copy of these book a couple of weeks ago thanks to the wonderful people of Penguin Teen/ Razorbill. I actually just finished this book and let me tell you WOW! The book was the best of the series and the ending to this series was perfection! I HIGHLY recommend picking this book up or heck the whole series to be honest.

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A Charm and a Curse By Jamie Questell

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I received the ARC of this book from the wonderful people of Entangled Teen through Netgalley. I have to say this book really surprise me. I won’t say it was my favorite read but it was still a good read that is worth giving a try.

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The Belles By Dhonielle Clayton

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I have heard wonderful thing about this book from everyone who has read it. I am told it’s empowering and brings something different to the reading world. I plan on picking this book up soon. I can’t wait!

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The Queen’s Rising By Rebecca Ross

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I love a good rebellion story and this book seems promising and different from most out there. I hope it is as wonderful as it sounds!

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Tempest and Slaughter By Tamora Pierce

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I will admit that what usually makes me want to read a new book is the cover and this cover is freaking gorgeous on some many levels! Then I went and read the expert of it on Goodreads and was won over. I need this book and as the reviews pour in I am never more convinced that I will love this book!

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Shadowsong By S. Jae-Jones


Shadowsong is the second book to Wintersong. I receive a copy of this book from Wednesday books I know a lot of people have high praises for Wintersong and let’s face it you may love this series The writing style is wonderful I will say that!

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What New Release coming out in February are you excited for?

Are you excited for any of the books above?

Have you already read them? What are your thoughts on them?