“Two kinds of people come out of personal tragedy, you know? And you’re the kind that comes out brighter”

Author: Marie Lu

Series: D.C Icons #2

Publisher:  Random House

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Batman: Nightwalker is one of the prime examples of why I love Marie Lu. I never really was a fan of Batman growing up. I of course knew who he was, but I wasn’t really a fan of him. This book brought a new light to the iconic portray of Batman that made even me become a fan. A teenage version Bruce Wayne was everything I wanted and more when I first heard about this story. Boy did I get it.

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The Plot

The plot of Batman: Nightwalker center’s around a mysterious anti group that call themselves Nightwalkers.

“The Nightwalkers fight against obscene wealth that controls the hands of government, the shackles that imprisons those too weak to defend themselves. They don’t believe anyone should have the right to that much money and power. Death to tyranny.”

The Nightwalkers seek to heal the city and punish those who abuse their power given to them from the money lining their pockets, which has allowed them to pretty much to cheat the justice system. (The plot reminded me a lot of Arrow season 1 in a lot of ways.) They target the rich and let’s just say there is no richer than Bruce Wayne now that his trust funds have open up.


The world-building for this book was pretty much already done because it’s base off of previous Batman interpretations but when you add Marie Lu’s attention to detail you have the City of Gotham leaping off the page.

As demonstrated in her previous book Warcross (review here) she is a master of technology. She brought advance technology and made it sound so easy to understand, to picture clearly in your mind. I want the car and his freaking personal computer so bad now.

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The action scenes where so realistic that it felt like I was the one throwing punches. My heart was pounding so fast.

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As usually Marie Lu has proved again she is the Queen when it comes to bring a world to life off of the pages of a book.


Every single character in this book had their own purpose to the storyline. They each contributed someway into the story that made the story all tie together. Some times in books we see pointless character that make you wonder why are they even here. In Batman: Nightwalker that is not the case because each person plays an important role into the shaping of young Bruce Wayne before he is even known as Batman.

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Bruce Wayne has learned the hard way that money doesn’t buy everything. At a young age he watched as his parents were murdered leaving behind a legacy and a billion dollar trust fund to their beloved son. Bruce is now 18 and that trust fund has unlocked and he hopes to be able to use the money and his fame to help the people of Gotham from the crime spree that has swept across the city. 

With his newly open trust fund he finds himself as a target on radar of the dangerous criminals who have been targeting the rich. Bruce must stay on his guard if he wishes to keep not only his money but his life.

Madeleine Wallace was my favorite part of this whole book! Madeleine is an inmate at Arkham Asylum where she is believed to be in connection to 3 murders and believed to be a member of the secret organization the Nightwalkers. She is extremely brilliant, cunning, and a technology genus.  Everything this girl does or says has a purpose. I loved reading her scenes in the book because I was constantly trying to dissect pieces to see what that could mean. She has so many different layers you are always wondering which one will appear next.

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Batman Nightwalker became one of my favorite reads of this year! The only fault I have was the first couple of chapter did start out a little slow, but they turned it around in a big way after to where I could put this book down. It was thrilling and made you want to do nothing else expect turn the page to find out what happens next.

I highly recommend this book and you don’t have to be a fan of Batman to fall in love with this book. Promise!


My Rating: 4.7/5 Stars

(rounding to 5)

5 Stars