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I was originally tagged by the wonderful and talented Rachael from Beach Bookworm to do the 3 day 3 Quote Challenge.

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It’s day 2 and time for another quote! Today I decided to do a funny quote from none other Mr. Day!

This Quote is from Legend by Marie Lu



“Time for a few confessions.Were you responsible for the break-in at the Arcadia bank?” (June)

The ten-second place. “Yes.” (Day)

“Then you must be responsible for stealing sixteen thousand five hundred Notes from there as well.” (June)

“You got that right.” (Day)

“Were you responsible for vandalizing the Department of Intra-Defense two years ago, and destroying the engines of two warfront airships?” (June)

“Yes.” (Day)

“Did you set fire to a series of ten F-472 fighter jets parked at the Burbank air force base right before they were to head out to the warfront?” (June)

“I’m kinda proud of that one.” (Day)

“Did assault a cadet standing guard at the edge of the Alta sector’s quarantine zone?” (June)

“I tied him up and delivered food to some quarantined families. Bite me.” (Day)


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