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Over the past couple of weeks we have been tortured with snippets from Sabaa Tahir’s up-coming book in the Ember Quartet Series. Yesterday we even got a preview of from a Laia POV (Click Here to See)

Unless you live under a rock like Patrick from Spongebob (It’s okay it happens) you know the name of the third book will be A Reaper in at the Gates.

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A Reaper at the Gates is set to released on June 12 , 2018 which means we have only 75 days until we can finally have it in our greedy reader hands. Am I right!

So anyways in honor of the snippets and the current book-hanger I have from A Torch Against the Night (#2) I need to vent and make a list of what I think will happen and a list of questions I want answered in A Reaper at the Gates

*These are only theories of what I believe in my own opinion will happen in A Reaper at the Gates.*

***Fair Warning there will be Spoilers in this post about An Ember in the Ashes and A Torch Against the Night*** 

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From what I can gather from this quote is pretty much Elias will once again be playing hero and saving Laia or Helena from another non-thought out  plan. The real question is what the hell is the price!

Saving could mean literally saving them from danger but stay with me what if he is trying to save someone from death. What if in-order to save them he needs to switch places with someone the same way Shaeva did. That would haunted him for sure and he would feel guilty.


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This one by Helena is probably her telling Marcus she need more time to do the task he asked of at the end of A Torch Against the night.

It seems like Emperor Marcus is ready to be done with “her” (Keris) and is growing impatient which is bad news for Helena when it comes to an impatient crazy emperor!

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This one kind of has me stumped. The only thought that comes to mind is that maybe Laia is going to try to rally a couple of Rebels to fight back against the Emperor since their old lead Keenan *Cough*King of Jinn* Cough* is not going to be leading them any time soon. It does have the makings of a really good speech just saying.

Or she would be trying to convince the Tribal people to fight with her against the Nightbringer in the war to come.

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Questions I need answered!


  1. If Elias does get “someone” to Trade with him will he then die or will live?
    • Just in case I need to be thinking of some really good loopholes.
  2. What is the deal with the craving of letters in Keris’s back by the Nightbringer!
    • This was mentioned in An Ember in the Ashes and not once (might be wrong) in A Torch Against the night.
    • When Elias asked why if she trying to crave her name she said something like that
  3. Is Cook a non-human or just a freaking ninja because she can climb walls better than a Mask and is like a shadow in the night.
  4.  Is Marcus being processed? 
    • Ever since book 1 he seems like two different people.
    • Livvy (Helena sister) mentioned that she walked in on him talking to his self. What if he is having some kinda of enter battle!
      • Said he get twitchy when he mentions doing violence to Helena maybe because he see Zak’s ghost.
        • Wouldn’t Zak’s ghost be in the forest with Elias though if he didn’t move on?
  5. Where the crap did Laia get her powers/What the crap is she?
    • So apparently (so far) we know that her parents didn’t have these power so what gives?
    • I thought it was just because of the bracelet, but then without it she went into the Nightbringer’s head.
    • Did she absorb some of the power and when she was attack it activated her powers from within?
    • The Nightbringer doesn’t even know what she is.
  6. What exactly is the creepy voice that asked for Elias’s vow to become the Soul Catcher? 
    • Shaeva said it was old magic that it wasn’t of man or jinn but of the Earth itself.
  7. What the crap is Cain’s endgame?
    • I feel like he has an endgame and that it is  not just about saving the Empire.

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So there you have my theories, questions, and crackpot idea’s about the upcoming addition to Sabaa Tahir’s amazing series A Reaper in the Gates.


There are video quotes available on Sabaa Tahir’s Instagram and Twitter account as well!

Make sure to Pre-Order A Reaper at the Gate which will be released on June 12, 2018 I know I will be.

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Let me know your thoughts on the quotes?

Any ideas about the answers to my questions?

Do have any questions you want answered?

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