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I have been sitting here try to come with a TBR list for April and I am beginning to pull my hair out trying to decide what to pick out.

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Finally I asked myself why am I even trying to do a TBR that I never seem to stick to.  I never end up following my TBR because I am staring to become more of a mood reader. I say I will read a book but then the mood strikes that I want to read something completely different.

So I had decided to take a stand for the little bit of hair I have left and look my “TBR” list in the face to say no more!

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I know some people can read from a TBR list, but in this point in my life it just isn’t working. I am falling behind because I have been forcing myself to read books just because they are on my TBR list for that month. One of the reason I haven’t posted a review for a week. So maybe by sticking to my gut choice in my reading choice I will start to enjoy reading again and not have it feel like a job.

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Life Update

I also wanted to take the time to mention that I will only be posting 3 to 4 days a week starting next week. I am lending more towards 3 because I am currently so busy. I have doctors appointment like crazy because they are trying to adjust my anxiety and depression medications, so that means when I am not running to the doctor office, or chasing my soon to be 3-year-old I am tired.

I hope you all understand and I appreciate each of you for standing by me and following me though this time in my life. You are all the best!

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What are your thought on a monthly TBR?

Do you always follow them or end up changing it though the month?

Are you a mood reader too?

Let me know in the comments!