I’m coming back baby!

I have been absent for so freaking long and I have missed each and every one of you so much!



Amber where have to been for so long? Where you lost in the woods singing show-tunes?

Close guess! Alas, no nothing that fun.

I have been spending these past months trying to climb my way back out of the pit of death we call life. It’s been a long tough ride. I have been working on my mental health and struggling with my depression and anxiety.

I have finally managed to whip it into shape to where it doesn’t affect my life to the point, I feel crazy.

Don’t get me wrong it’s still there but I am slowly learning to channel it into positive effects in my life.

My Grandmother passed away in September and I become lost. My Grandmother was my person. She was the one I called 3 times a day to complain about my life. If anything at all happen in life, I would call my Granny. She was my world and raised me since I was born. She always pushed me to be the best person and without her I wouldn’t have this life I take for granted every day.



 I have started writing stories. I have been wanting to do this all my life, but I never felt I was good enough. I’m a college drop out. How can I compete with authors who have college degrees? I have been working past my fears a little at a time. I finally decided heck with it I want to write even if it’s just for my benefit. 

I even decide to go all in and sign up for NanoWrimo for the first time this year and guess what!



Amber have you read any books while you were away (It’s kind of creepy I am talking in 3rd person)?

The answer is:

I have read so many good books and have step out of the safety bubble of only YA. I have been obsessed with  Adult Paranormal Fantasy lately. I can’t stop! It’s become a problem….

No really I burnt my eggs the other day because I become in engrossed with it the book. I forgot I was cook. Needless to say I had to air my house out in 30 degree weather which sucked.

BTW I am currently obsessed with Riverdale!


So I will wrap this all up like a Christmas Present for you!

I will be becoming back starting next month not actually sure on the date.

I have been writing reviews like there’s no tomorrow. 

I am coming back with more variety of reviews a ton of YA books and some Adult gene books as well.


As my enter Taylor Swift would say: