How many times have you wished you lived in book world? Where you imagine being that character and walking in their shoe?

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I would guess most of us readers out there! I have had several books I want to leap head first into.

Then there are some that make me thankful for my boring life thank you very!

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Today I am going to list the top 5 book worlds that I would never ever want to leap into!


1.) Game of Thrones

I wouldn’t survive George RR Martin’s famous book series in real life! All the scheming, court politics, mad king’s, The others (white walkers in TV), and of course the dragons.

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Yep I would be dead no shame in saying it!

2.) Cruel Prince

If Jude’s story of living among the arrogant faeries who literally almost killed her for a joke doesn’t convince you to stay away, then allow me to point to the fact that they can control humans into doing whatever that want.

The only thing to protect you is some berries, salt and other useless items that can easily be worked around …… really that’s all I’m suppose to place my trust in a little pinch of salt and some berries? … Yea no thank you. Best of Luck Jude but I’m glad to let you take the reins in this story.

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3) Hunger Games

This one is pretty obvious NO. They select children place them in a arena for amusement in fight to the death until one is left. If you are lucky enough to escape the draft in the games you pretty much either work yourself to death or starve to death. Pretty much a lot of death in the uncertain future in this world. It’s a lose, lose situation.

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4.) The Belles

The pretty cover laid a trap for you. You believe omg this place must be beautiful and has happy go lucky people. The net drops and your ensnared in a world where beauty comes at a painful price. These people are putting their self through unimaginable pain to be part of fashion?!

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Yeah see I have a low pain tolerance and cry when I get a shot and you want me to have someone use there magical powers to break my jaw bones and nose so it fits the style at the moment? Yeah…

5.) An Ember in the Ashes

Conquering kingdom that trains it’s children to fear nothing and train’s compassion out them at an extremely young age, enslaved people, and a fierce commandant that will skin you alive sounds almost pleasant compared to what lurks in the shadows. Add the Nightbringer in the mix with his conflicting agenda and bag of tricks.

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No way!

Plus let’s face these are the most unlucky group of character ever.



So what worlds do you not want to go on a stroll in?

Do you agree with my top 5?

Let me know in the comments!