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"One must always be careful of books," said Tessa, "and what is inside them, for words have the power to change us." -Cassandra Clare "Clockwork Angel"

Rating System


**My Ratings are based on my own thoughts and feeling about a book. They are in no way influenced or bias.**

Please note as of 2019 my Rating Charts have changed.

I still have the old Rating Chart on here for any review before 2018.


In Honor of my favorite show and character I will be Rating in:

Jughead Hats!



This means I that this book wasn’t for me, so I didn’t finish it.

One Jughead Hat

I found certain aspects of the book good but not enough for me to continue in that world


Two Jughead Hats

Usually means the story couldn’t pull me in enough to love it. There was too much wrong. Not a book I would remember.


Three Jughead Hats

The book had some minor issues but I would be willing to give it another go or continue with the series to see where it goes next.

Hats 3

Four Jughead Hats

I enjoyed this book and would recommend it! Usually I had one or two quirks about it but are things I could over look.

4 hats

5 Jughead Hats

I LOVE THIS BOOK! I shall forever be shouting praise from the mountain tops and pressuring everyone I know to read this book!

5 hats




For Reviews BEFORE 2019

DNF– Didn’t Finish

1 StarOne Star: wasn’t my kind of book

2 Stars      Two Stars:  It was an Okay read but could have been better

3 stars                       3 Stars:  Enjoyed the book but had some issues


4 Stars: I found this book really enjoyable and would recommend!


5 Stars: I LOVED this book and will recommend it forever and always.




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